Looking after your back

balaji purushothaman


Mr Purushothaman specialises in treating patients with neck and back problems. Treatment is tailored to each individual patient and can range from non-surgical methods such as physiotherapy and spinal injections to surgery, when appropriate. He performs the following procedures:

What Patients Say?

Excellent manner, explain Everything about the procedure in great detail. The operation was 100% successful, long recovery period with lots of muscle wastage. Now back to full strength, long walks and back in the gym training every day with no restrictions. I am very great full to Mr Purushothaman for reinstating my fitness which has allowed me to continue with my charity in Tanzania
Life before surgery I was in agony, Dr Purushothaman was excellent throughout the whole care journey. From the beginning, and even whilst going through the pandemic, I was kept informed of treatment and explained everything that was needed to get me well again. After having the surgery, my life was transformed, having an active life again without pain that I can now enjoy with my family. I feel very thankful for the care from everyone. A huge thank you to Dr Purushothaman and his team, you’ve all made a huge difference to my life, thank you again.
I cannot express how impressed I am with the whole orthopaedic team especially Mr Purushothaman. After living with pain for sometime I was operated on following various interventions that unfortunately were unsuccessful. Following my operation I am now back at work and pain free. Thank you so much, I am now back to my old self and loving life.

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